This program is discontinued.

Google has officially announced the deprecation of the Google Earth API. This program is going to stop by Dec. 2015 on all browsers (It seems Firefox 38 still works. Chrome and IE11 already stopped).

Please enjoy my other applications instead. Thank you for all your long support!

What’s this?

This is an experimental variant of 2D Driving Simulator. You can drive in the real world thanks to the Google Earth plug-in!

This is a very CPU and GPU intensive program so use a high-performance PC. If any problem arises, try using other browsers.

How to drive

The plug-in crashes / Rendering is broken

The Google Earth plug-in is a bit unstable. Please try re-installing the plug-in or deleting the Google Earth data folders.

(On Windows 7/8. The AppData is a hidden folder)


Programming, Car modeling - Katsuomi Kobayashi


Google Earth API, Haxe, Box2D for Haxe