Launched a New Website

Jan. 10, 2014

We’ve rebranded our site to Frame Synthesis. The previous name was not suitable for our feelings and we’ve been seeking for a somewhat lightweight name. The new one came from “synthesize (video) frames”.

Also, we’ve revamped our website. From here, we will be able to update the contents more frequently (maybe…).

As a first step, we’ve updated 2D Driving Simulator after a long interval. The current version 2 is very old so we tried to develop a HTML5 version from scratch, but web browsers cannot handle vector graphics very well yet. We’ll evaluate other approaches later.

As for other projects, we’re developing 3D Parking Simulator prototype which can utilize Oculus Rift. And we are running another game project secretly.

This new website is supposed to be faster for U.S. and European users, because we’ve changed our server location. To gain the effect, please change your bookmarks and links.

Thank you for visiting our website and a happy new year!

Written by Katsuomi Kobayashi

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