Overstream (requires Oculus Rift)

“Overstream” is an action game for Oculus Rift. Walk around and crouch to avoid obstacles and get treasures.

Important: This game makes use of the full area of the Oculus Rift positional tracking. Please secure enough space and watch out for cables!


This game requires Oculus Rift CV1/DK2.
You need to adjust positional tracking correctly. Please check README.txt.


R key / A button Reset positional tracking
Up/Down key / stick Adjust ground height
Space key / Start button Game start
Esc key / Back button Back to title

Please use a game controller if you can’t reach your keyboard. Xbox controller is recommended.


Title: Overstream

Game Design, Programming, Music - Katsuomi Kobayashi (@korinVR_en)

Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Frame Synthesis

Unity Asset Store assets for 3D models, motions and effects
NoEmotionHDRs (http://noemotionhdrs.net/) by Peter Sanitra


Apr. 1, 2016

May. 26, 2015