About XRSynthesis

XRSynthesis™ is a general-purpose VR framework based on Unity, developed by FrameSynthesis Inc. It’s not only used for in-house and outsourced development but also offered for system licensing.



XRSynthesis possesses the following four main features:

1. Lightweight

Depending on the content size, it allows users to enter and navigate a 3D space within a few seconds from a browser.

For particularly lightweight contents, it can launch within seconds even on 4G networks using browsers on iPhones or Androids. This could lead to inflow from various social networks and virality. There’s also no risk of the device overheating (Note: Content optimization for size and performance is required).

2. Multi-platform

Not only does it operate in browsers, but it can also be converted into apps for various devices. It currently supports the following platforms:

Additionally, they are currently working on compatibility with:

This allows for experiences like connecting a projector room to an iPhone browser to be easily set up.

3. Multi-player

It now supports network synchronization for both VR (with 3-point tracking + hand poses) and Non-VR modes.

Support is provided for several major real-time network solutions (Note: Depending on the number of users, duration, and data usage, cloud service costs may apply).

Furthermore, local network multiplayer is possible too. It’s suitable for system development in environments without internet access and for location-based or event-targeted VR content creation. An example setup comprises a server laptop, a Wi-Fi router, and four Meta Quest devices (Note: When using Wi-Fi, the onsite wireless environment needs to be evaluated). Local alignment features are also integrated.

Moreover, multiplayer can be turned off. It’s suitable for creating single-player content or as a fallback when the communication environment isn’t stable.

4. Multi-purpose

XRSynthesis is a general-purpose VR system. It’s not just a metaverse system but a customizable framework for various uses, including:

Broadly, if there’s something combining “VR (3D) + Multiplayer”, then XRSynthesis might be a useful framework to consider.

Function List (Overview)

Development Roadmap

The following are currently unimplemented but are high-priority features as of September 2023:

Offerings of “XRSynthesis”

Note: Currently, providing XRSynthesis outside of Japan is challenging due to our limited communication skills and lack of business experience abroad. We are exploring ways to address this.

There are mainly two ways to avail it. As the details can vary greatly case-by-case, please directly contact us for more information.

Use Cases